hand drawn pixel gif of a slab of metal with black and yellow striped frame, it reads 'wyrm's lair!'. green slime is oozing from the bottom of it
half-empty links page is up! :') and i have site buttons now!!!
fixed issues with preview looking different from the page itself & added chatbox!
the site was hosted woohoo!!!!!
a gif of a roach moving its antennae

a gif of a cartoony haunted house with different pairs of eyes appearing and dissapearing in windows WELCUM!!!!!

you have enterd the lair of the glorious wyrm(me)!!!! make yourself at home it's soo friendly and cozy here, izn't it? anyway here's your tea no it wasn't an ominous skull-shaped cloud coming out of your cup don't worry^^ stay as long as you want, explore everything, there's a couple of secrets hidden here and there, maybe you want to find them maybe you don't idc have fun

a gif of a line of dripping blood

a gif of a road block sign that says 'under construction'