image reads 'linkz' in bright yellow
hand drawn piece of duct tape, it reads 'youtube videos that i like' top part of the tv frame right part of the tv frame left part of the tv frame bottom part of the tv frame png image of a stack of vhs tapes 1 2 3 4 5 banner reads 'youtube horror series to check out (tw for unreality, jumpscares, blood, basically horror stuff)' in bright green gif, styled like retro pop-up window. it displays a loading bar and says 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'

neocities neighbours and just personal websites that i like

whitedesert voyager vomitboyz uncannyvalley t00blez scourge's closet raining stars odditycommoddity middlepot kid with the chemicalz gallifrey freakphone

my precious buttons that you should totally leave on your website

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other stuff!

black and yellow divider that says 'under construction'